Cleaning Services in Grandview

A spotless workplace signals orderliness. A disinfected and sanitized building ensures the health and safety of the building's occupants and visitors. When the people of Grandview want their facility cleaned to perfection and fully disinfected, there is only one commercial cleaning company they trust—and that is LJ Janitorial Service, Inc..

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading cleaning company in the region. We have risen the ranks by providing a wide range of cleaning services. From carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning to windows and ceilings, we do it all—and we do it for an incredible rate.

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Commercial Cleaning Done Your Way

No two offices, banks, or gymnasiums are the same. Every facility comes with different characteristics and clientele that require specific approaches to ensure complete cleanliness. Some spaces might require frequent air vent cleaning, while others might benefit from frequent window washing. We'll consult with you to learn what you want from our cleaning company. We will also offer suggestions upon request, and clearly outline the ways we perform our services.

Here, we take time to understand what you need from our janitorial company.

In our line of work, customer satisfaction is key. One of the ways we go about satisfying our clients is by always taking a customized approach. For one-of-a-kind service, contact our custodians at your convenience.

Your Experienced Commercial Cleaners

Over the years, we've garnered the experience and equipment needed to tackle tasks of any magnitude. No matter the scope of your cleaning regimen, we will surely be able to help you. We cater to a diverse clientele and never fail to provide the same high-quality service.

All the Cleaning Services You Need

We don't believe in limiting ourselves. If we only offered select services, we just might miss out on an opportunity to help a fellow community member in need. Rest assured, with us, you'll find all the cleaning services you could ever hope for.

Some of what you can expect includes:

  • Carpet steaming
  • Wall washing
  • Stain removal
  • Cafeteria cleaning
  • Floor waxing, buffing, and stripping
  • Vacuuming
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Washroom sanitization
  • Disinfecting services

Easy to Schedule Cleaning Services

There are certain times of day when a facility cannot handle a visit from a team of cleaners. Given the nature of some industries, this is more than understandable. To avoid any inconveniences, we let you determine the cleaning schedule. Simply let us know your preferred times for a visit and we will do our best to schedule ourselves accordingly.

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We don't just do away with the stains and smudges. We bring out the best in your facility and ensure the health and safety of your building's occupants. We think that's what every cleaning company should do. If you think so too, don't hesitate to contact us at (816) 550-9135. Your no-obligation cleaning consultation awaits you.